Left to right : Jacinthe Leduc, Vice-president-finances, Jan-Mark Dufour, Secretary general, Annie Charland, President, Audrey Larouche, Vice-president, Marc-André Blais, Union advisor and Frédéric Brun, Vice-president of the FEESP and Political in charge (absent in the picture).

The CSN School Support Staff Sector is composed of 37 Public Sector unions. Affiliated with the CSN/FEESP (Fédération des employées et employés de services publics), the School Support Staff Sector represents a total of 35,000 support staff employees from 33 school boards across Quebec, two of which are English-language school boards.

As representatives of the largest group of school support-staff unions in the province, the CSN School Support Staff Sector covers the following categories of employment:

  • Technical and Para-technical Support Positions
  • Administrative Support Positions
  • Labour Support Positions

These employees work in three distinct sectors of activity : the General Sector ; the Special Education Sector ; and the Day Care Services Sector.

The School Support Staff Sector’s main goal is to promote and defend the best interests of its union members with regard to their professional, economic, social and political concerns. In order to carry out this mandate, it :

  • negotiates the Collective Agreements and all other agreements at the provincial level;
  • oraganizes training sessions concerning collective agreements;
  • negotiates the Collective Health Insurance policy and oversees its implementation ;
  • ensures representation at CSN decisional meetings and any other meeting deemed;
  • determines the rate of union dues and manages the budget.

Delegates for the School Support staff Sector meet approximately three times per year although, during negotiations these meetings may be held more frequently.

Executive committee

The executive committee is comprised of: 

  • President : Annie Charland, Syndicat du personnel de soutien des Hautes-Rivières
  • Vice-president finance : Jacinthe Leduc
    Syndicat du personnel technique, administratif et éducatif du Val-des-Cerfs – CSN
  • Vice-president : Audrey Larouche, Syndicat du soutien scolaire du Lac-Saint-Jean (CSN)
  • General secretary : Jan-Mark Dufour, Syndicat du personnel de soutien scolaire au Cœur-des-Vallées – CSN

They are supported by: 

  • Frédéric Brun, secteur representative and 2nd vice-president of the FEESP
  • Marc-André Blais, union advisor
  • Lyne Tessier, office worker

Health Insurance Committee

The Health Insurance Committee is made up of the School Support staff Sector Vice-President of Finance, and two other union members from local CSN support staff unions who have been duly elected at a School Sector Council meeting.

Current  members are:

  • Jacinthe Leduc, vice-president ─ finances of the School Sector
  • Rachel Demers, Association professionnelle du personnel administratif (CSN)
  • Steve Grenier, Syndicat du personnel du
    Val-des-Cerfs (CSN)
  • Marc André Blais, union advisor FEESP

Role and mandate
The Collective Health Insurance Policy which covers most CSN/FEESP School Sector support-staff union members, is chosen by the School Sector Health Insurance Committee. It is their responsibility to analyse the needs of the union members as a whole, make recommendations to the School Sector Council, inform and consult the local unions, and ensure that the established policies are respected. Re-negotiation of the insurance policy takes place once per year.

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